The Sims 2 Hypnotize Mod

Version 0.91 - 2/17/09

The brand new Sims 2 mod is in the works, finally. If you've wanted to be able to control other sims' minds, then try out this mod :)


Version 0.91 Zip file (13 kb)


Pics of the Therapist in-game character

Readme File

This Sims2 mod is based on the "Therapist" animations in the original game, and was made using SimPE. It's still beta quality, which means there's still lots of bugs, and some features don't work.

Features (similar to Sims 1 mod, but here's the differences):

-other sims can be selected for interactions (for example, you can have the hypnotized person kiss anyone, etc)
-hypnotized sim can hypnotize other sims
-performs many social interactions
-does not modify core game, unlike the Sims 1 mod
-only requires the original game; no expansion pack required