Sims 2 Hypnotize Mod Pictures

Sending in the hypnotist (on the left)...




Click on the person and choose "Hypnotize..."


Click "Hypnotize" to hypnotize the person, or "Select Person" to have them be the person that a hypnotized person interacts with










The person is now hypnotized


Main menu (the Selectable option is not part of this mod)


Relationship menu


Tricks menu


Social menu


Sleep menu


Tasks menu


Move menu


Chicken trick...







If you use the command "move_objects on" (and move the people around), you can put on your own hypnosis stage shows :)




Examples of the SimAntics BHAV code in SimPE (click on an image for a larger version):

Hypnotize function


Disable Automation function


Crush function


Hypnotize interaction, person A


Subject idle loop interaction with external callback




This is what the hypnotized sim's action's called when you tell them to follow you:


















Click here for a video of the "Follow Me" function used on all of the subjects shown above (783kb)