Welcome to the Official Hypnotizer 2000 Website!

Note - Hypnotizer 2000 has been rewritten from scratch as Virtual Hypnotist (since the source code was lost a while back). The Virtual Hypnotist website is http://vhypno.mindhackers.org - This software is still classic though.

Downloadable Software:

Hypnotizer 2000 version 4.2 (7/28/03) (10 mb)

(New speech system for 4.2, has much more realistic voices)

Readme file for version 4.2

Virtual Hypnotist 1.1 Addon is now included in Hypnotizer 2000

The color tunnel is also included in Hypnotizer 2000

Click here to download some loopable hypnosis music

Click here and here for pictures of the options screens in the program

After you download the software, get the speech engine. You can get the speech engine by either reading the above Readme file, or downloading these 4 files:

File1 File2 File3 File4

Also, Hypnotizer 2000 requires Windows Media Player to run.

If when you run setup.exe it always prompts to update system files even if
you reboot, then unzip the hypnotizer software to a directory, and replace the setup.lst file with this file


Hypnotizer 2000 and this web site were created by

followthewatch55 - followthewatch55@yahoo.com